Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Kitchen Efficiency........

Hi everyone, told you I would be back ;) I have been Facebooking and really miss the writing aspect of blogging! So I am going to start writing more (along with getting my Facebook fix every day lol). I started this blog a long time ago and had high hopes for it. I didn't get to far into it and stopped.

My Mother in law passed away 2 days after Christmas and life has been very busy, and stressful. It was totally unexpected and side swiped us all. We have since moved my husbands 90 year old Grandma into assisted living. And while there the other day helping go through more boxes.

She sent me home with a big, HEAVY box of cookbooks and cool books about exactly what I intended to share here in this blog.
So I gave this page a face lift and here we are....... ;) My 1st entry back is going to be some cheap, easy ways to save space and make life easier in the kitchen.


Store the boxes upright in the slots of a cardboard six-pack container that once held beer or soda bottles. And stick underneath a cabinet.


Cooks with limited storage space will appreciate this method of storing baking sheets upright. A metal vertical file holder is ideal for storing cutting boards and baking sheets. They not only take up less space, but are easy to grab when you need one.


Many home kitchens sport a drawer filled to the gills with crumpled plastic produce bags. Reclaim your drawer with this space-saving solution. Stuff the plastic bags into empty tissue boxes. A box will accommodate many, many bags, which are then easy to remove one at a time when the need arises.


No matter the of the kitchen, a little extra counter space for resting bowls, platters, or cooling racks is always welcome. Create extra counter space by opening a drawer and resting a cutting board across the top.


Cooking almost any recipe goes much faster when the ingredients are prepped, measured, and ready. The downside of laying out the ingredients, called mise en place, is that it means washing more dishes, bowls, plates and other containers. Here are some easy substitutes you can use for small quantities of ingredients. Use flat-bottomed paper coffee filters in place of bowls. When you are, just throw the dirty filter away and presto you no longer need to wash that dish! Paper cups can serve as the same purpose. If you are looking for something reusable. Try using clean, dry single-serving yogurt cups.


If your kitchen is tight on counter space, it can be a hassle to prepare dishes like soups, stews, and stir-fries, all of which require a number of chopped vegetables and other ingredients.

Layer the chopped ingredients in a bowl in order of use, separating each layer with a sheet of wax paper or plastic wrap.


Many cooks keep measuring cups and spoons in a drawer, where they can get buried deep among other utensils. Here's a way to keep these items within easy reach. Mount a simple hardware-store key holder near your work space, and instead of using it to safeguard keys, hang your measuring cups and spoons from it. You can even find something decorative to match your kitchen.

Well that's it for today. I will do many more parts to this in the next few days. I hope that even if just one there is something here that can help your kitchen time a little faster, and more productive ;)

I hope you are having a great day!

Hugs, Robyn

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